I receive a DAO355.dll error when I install Magic Contest. What is that, and how do I solve it?

This is a problem that sometimes occurs on new computers and sometimes don’t. I don’t know why. The error message is shown when Magic Contest is installed, and it has to do with the database support for the member list.

First of all, there are three options when the error message is shown. It is normally possible to click Ignore to continue and then it looks as if the installation has worked exactly as it should.

The only way of knowing if the database support has been correctly installed is to start Magic Contest and go through the initial questions. At the end you are supposed to get the question to create a database. If not, then the database was not installed correctly.

Regardless of that question, it is also possible to go to the main Magic Contest window and click Member list (to the right). The top window will now indicate if something is wrong.

One possible solution is to close Magic Contest, install Bridgemate Control Software (that uses the same type of database support), and then restart Magic Contest, close Contest Explorer, and click Member list again. This should solve the problem, and now you can click Create to create the member list.