How do I start TeamViewer 9 to get support?

TeamViewer is a program that allows your PC to be remotely controlled. It is used for the installation tutorial that is included in the original purchase price, or if support has to be given that way.


Set up an appointment

An appointment has to be set up to receive support. E-mail with a request for a suitable day and time. Don’t forget to provide the name of your club.


Start TeamViewer 9

Prior to the appointment, select one of the following to start TeamViewer:

A: Start Magic. Select Contest menu > Help > TeamViewer > Version 9


B: Run TeamViewer 9 QuickSupport from the Magic Contest website


C: Run TeamViewer 9 QuickSupport from the TeamViewer website


Send the TeamViewer ID

After TeamViewer has started you will see a window on your screen with an ID and a password. E-mail this information to to receive support.

Note 1! An appointment has to have been set up prior to sending the ID.

Note 2! The password is a one-time password. This means that your computer is secure after this one time that I connect to it.