Why do not all names in Combined Mitchell show in Bridgemate?

Combined Mitchell is a movement for odd number of tables when in fact you have 2 x 12,5 = 25 tables, 2 x 11,5 = 23 tables, 2 x 10,5 = 21 tables, and so on.

Since Magic Contest cannot have two pairs with a bye from different sections play each other, selecting this movement and only one section is a way to avoid a bye.

Q: Why do not all names in Combined Mitchell show in Bridgemate?

A: Let us take 19 tables, 2 x 9,5 tables, as the example.

Read carefully, because this problem is neither easy to explain nor to understand.

The problem is that Bridgemate does not understand that NS-10 moves to EW-11, EW-12 and so on. This causes a problem when you have activated Contest menu > Settings > Two winners.

For the purpose of the Bridgemate app, Magic Contest reports the number of winners to Bridgemate. When there are two winners, Bridgemate only compares NS pair number with NS names, and EW pair numbers with EW names.

Since NS-10 is a NS pair in the eyes of Bridgemate, and that pair plays as EW in the following rounds, no names are displayed in the Bridgemate display for that pair from round 2 and up.


Fix for version 4.11 (and earlier)

The solution will be included in version 4.12 (December 2017). Until then, use the following fix:

  1. Select Contest menu > Settings > General
  2. Remove the Two winners checkmark and click OK
  3. Create the Bridgemate database
  4. Select Contest menu > Settings > General
  5. Set the Two winners checkmark and click OK


Version 4.12 solution and consequences

The problem described above is solved in version 4.12.


Conflict between Mitchell alias and Combined Mitchell

Some people prefer to use the Contest menu > Settings > Bridgemate > Use Mitchell alias setting which means that in Bridgemate, both pairs at table 1 are denoted 1 (NS-1 and EW-1).

For names to show correctly in Bridgemate with Mitchell alias activated, two winners is automatically activated in the Bridgemate database, no matter if you have activated the Two winners setting in Magic Contest.

Since Bridgemate looks for NS names in the NS line, and EW names in the EW line, NS-10 will not be found when playing as EW. Instead, EW-10 will be shown at EW-11 in round 2, at EW-12 in round 3, and so on.

This is something that cannot be solved, and you need to tell the players about this problem, or choose not to use Mitchell alias and Combined Mitchell at the same time.


Conflict between Two winners and the Bridgemate app

I think it is reasonable that the Bridgemates in the playing area work as intended while the Bridgemate app does not.

For that reason, in case you use the Bridgemate app in an event with Combined Mitchell as the movement, the app will always show exactly one winner, no matter if you have activated Two winners in Magic Contest.

This solution means that the player names will show correctly in Bridgemate.