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About Magic Contest

Magic Contest is a bridge scoring program for Windows that has been around for almost 20 years. Development started in 1996 and it was distributed to all Swedish clubs in 2001.

Magic Contest has since then been widely spread, helped by its support for many languages, both in user screens and printed reports.

Basic features such as matchpoints, butler IMPs and IMPs across the field are included, as well as team scoring and individual events. Movements are selected from the “orange book”. Point leagues can be used for cumulative monthly or season winners.

Printing comes in many different shapes and forms. You can either select one of almost 100 pre-defined reports or customise any report to your liking.

Bridgemate resellers all over the world sell Magic Contest. Given this cooperation, Magic Contest is always up to date with the latest Bridgemate features.

Magic Contest is equipped with many advanced features, some of them being multi-session pairs, Swiss pairs and teams, Current standing or Display for running scores on TVs and projectors, and custom movements.

Several online providers such as ECats and BridgeWebs are supported. If you have your own website, posting results directly from Magic Contest is only a few clicks away.


Basic features

Magic Contest scores bridge events. It runs on any PC with Windows.

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Widely spread

Magic Contest is the national scoring program Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Austria, and Finland is slowly moving in that direction. In France, all 29 federation comités (districts) as well as the national federation use Magic Contest.

Thanks to the cooperation with Bridgemate resellers, some 40 clubs Spain and some 35 clubs in Turkey use Magic Contest, as well as numerous clubs all over the world.



Given its international approach, Magic Contest exists in five languages – English, French, Swedish, Norwegian and Austrian (German).

The English version supports Finnish, Danish, Spanish and Italian on top of the basic languages English, French and German. All non-English versions have dual print language support as they all come with English as the secondary print language.



All necessary movements from the orange book “Movements – a fair approach” by Hallén, Hanner and Jannersten are supported. This includes numerous Mitchell and Howell variants as well as some barometer movements.

If that is not sufficient, just use Excel to create your own movement. When you are done, use Magic Contest’s built-in movement importer to create a movement file that you can reuse as many times as you like.

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With almost 100 pre-defined reports, all your needs should be covered. If needed you can change the text size with a single click, or create a new report where all parts of the report can be customised.

When customising a report, you have access to all of Windows print features such as font, size, color, etc. You have detailed control over all parts of the report, so you can use one text size for the ranking, another for the hand and a third for score recaps.

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For more than ten years, Magic Contest and Bridgemate have had tight connections. Thanks to resellers all over the world, Magic Contest has been sold in the most remote countries.

The cooperation ensures that the latest Bridgemate features are always supported by Magic Contest.

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Advanced features


Internet reports


Magic Contest is a scoring program for Windows that has been around for almost 20 years.

Magic Contest exists in five languages (English, French, Swedish, Norwegian and Austrian (German)), and it can print in a few more (Spanish, Italian, Danish and Finnish). In Sweden and Norway the name is Ruter.

All clubs in Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Austria use Magic Contest, and clubs in Finland are slowly migrating to Magic Contest. All French comités (29) and the French Bridge Federation use Magic Contest. Some 40 clubs in Spain and another 40 in Turkey also use Magic Contest.

This website’s address is which is the umbrella for all versions.


Magic Contest is a scoring program for Windows. Use the menu to your left to download a demo, look at screen shots, find sample printouts and much more.

The development of Magic Contest was started in 1996 and was successfully finished in 2001 thanks to the support of the Swedish Bridge Federation during the final stage of the development. Currently some 350 (out of 550) clubs in Sweden use the Swedish version of Magic Contest.

No aspects of Magic Contest have been adjusted to the Swedish Bridge Federation. Instead, an abstract bridge federation was in mind during the development stage. Magic Contest can be used both stand-alone or as an off-line client to any bridge federation. There are file specifications available for exchange of information between a bridge federation and a bridge club.

Magic Contest offers automatic contest reports by e-mail. After the information has reached the main office, master points and rating are calculated and presented at a web site managed by the bridge federation, in this example the Swedish one.

The Swedish Bridge Federation has taken contest reports one step further. Each user has a balance account at the Swedish Bridge Federation. The balance decreases automatically at every contest report and increases every time a payment is sent to the Swedish Bridge Federation. This has reduced money transactions to a minimum.

All Magic Contest facilities can be managed strictly by using the keyboard, thus increasing the speed of entering results, entering member numbers, searching for members in the member list, and much more. For those who can not let go of the mouse, Magic Contest offers the mouse support all windows program do.

Currently, all types of contests can be scored, i.e. pairs, teams and individual. A number of scoring methods within each type can be used.

Pair contests can be scored using matchpoints, Calcutta or Butler IMPs, with all the necessary variations according to the bridge laws. Swiss pairs is supported.

All available movements come from the book Movements – a fair approach by Hallén, Hanner and Jannersten. Both one-winner and two-winner movements are available as well as well-balanced barometer movements. If needed, Magic Contest can print both guidecards and guideslips.

A member list can be updated manually or imported from a bridge federation member list according to a well-specified file specification. This, of course, requires adjustments to that bridge federation’s data system.

Contests can be reported to any bridge federation for further calculation of master points and rating according to a well-specified file specification. This, of course, requires adjustments to that bridge federation’s data system.

If you manage a web site with contest results, Magic Contest can easily export the contest to a result page.