I have problems with this or that, and I need help solving it?

Q: I have problems with this, and I would like to do that. Why does it not work?

A: First of all, please include the licence name for your club or organisation. E-mail support is given to those with a valid support and upgrade agreement.

General contact
Tomas Brenning

The easiest way for me to find the problem is if you send me the contest files, preferably together with the Bridgemate files, and describe the problem in the smallest detail with references to the existing contest.

The quickest way to send me all relevant files is to select Contest menu and select Backup > Create backup. This creates a Magic Contest Backup file (.mcb) that contains all contest files (single session, multi-session, team, butler, etc) and the respective Bridgemate databases. You find this file in My Documents\Magic Contest Outbox.

Also, if any report files (.htm, .pbn, .txt and so on) do not give the expected result, please attach such report files too. Normally it is also useful with links to websites where incorrect results are posted.