How do I make Bridgemate member number entry mandatory in teams?

Q: We frequently run teams tournaments. In these tournaments we ask the players to enter their member numbers into the bridgemate and later on we import the names into MC.

Q: But for a while, we are not able to make this entry obligatory. When a tournament starts, the BMs skip the page where member numbers can be entered. People are still able to enter them when they enter Names in the BM and press Correct, but few people are able to do this.

Q: I’ve seen that this can be set either in MC or BCS, but the relation between these two programs are not clear to me. I’ve tried several possibilities, but neither of them worked.

Q: Can you tell me what are the required settings in MC (or BCS) to be able to ask the member numbers?

A: The most important thing is to only change settings in Magic Contest team window. Do like this:

  • Select the team window.
  • Select Contest menu > Settings > Bridgemate, and select the Bridgemate Control settings tab.
  • One page down, under Optional entry, you find the two settings Member numbers and Entry is mandatory. Set both to Yes.
  • Save the settings and create the Bridgemate database. Member number entry will now be mandatory.

When the Bridgemate database is created, Magic Contest sends all its settings to Bridgemate Control Software, thus overwriting any settings you have made in BCS. That is why you should maintain the settings in Magic Contest. Besides, it is easier in Magic Contest.

If you want to make this setting permanent for all future contests, select Contest menu > Settings for new contests > Team contest > Bridgemate and the Bridgemate Control settings tab.