The following is required to report results to the internet:

  1. Specify the technical details for your website
  2. Create the internet file
  3. Transfer the file to the internet
  4. Create a link to the results


Specify the technical details for your website

This depends on whether you will transfer the files using an FTP program or Magic Contest’s built-in FTP functionality. See below for more details. This is something you do once.


Create the internet file

First you need to create the internet result file:

  1. Select Contest menu > Report contest
  2. Select Website
  3. Click OK

This creates the following file:

  • File name: 2017-06-25.htm (normally the contest date)
  • Folder: Magic Contest Outbox (found in My Documents)


Transfer the file to your website

Then you need to send the file to your website. This can be done in one of two ways:

  1. Manual transfer through an FTP program
  2. Automatic transfer through Magic Contest’s built-in FTP

You need to know the basics about web pages to continue. For instance, “FTP” is the abbreviation for the concept of transferring a file from your computer to the internet. For this to work, your internet provider has provided you with basic information such as login, password, remote folder, etc.

The Magic Contest website cannot help you with the FTP basics. That is something you need to figure out yourself.


Manual transfer

For the manual transfer of internet files you need an FTP program that does the transfer for you. FileZilla is one such program that you can download for free. Some websites also allow you to upload files through the administrator interface.

Once you have installed the FTP program, you need to connect to your website. This is something you need to figure out yourself. Then you go to the local folder called My Documents\Magic Contest Outbox and transfer the file that Magic Contest has created.


Automatic transfer

Before you start transferring files to the internet, you need to make some permanent settings. This is something you only need to do once.

Select Contest menu > Other settings > General and the FTP tab. This is where you enter the technical details for your website. Your internet provider has provided you with this information.

Once the permanent settings have been entered, you report the contest as described above, with one exception. Select Contest menu > Report contest. Before you click OK, you also select the Upload through FTP option at the bottom of the window, and then click OK. This first creates and then sends the internet file to your website.


Create a link to the results

The last step is to connect your website to the result file. Somewhere, depending on how your website works, you can insert the file name to create the link to the result file. This is nothing that Magic Contest can help you with.