Number of decimals

Decimals can appear in many ways, for instance in rulings and sit-outs. In some cases Neuberg’s formula kicks in to cause decimals.

There is a difference between visible number of decimals and the number of decimals used for scoring.

Select Contest menu > Settings > Scoring.


Number of visible decimals

Select the Matchpoints tab. For Number of decimals > Total score you have the options Auto or 0-3. In case of Auto, decimals are only shown if there are any, and in that case one decimal is shown.

Your selection does not affect the number of decimals used for scoring.


Number of scoring decimals

Select the Matchpoints (more) tab. For Number of scoring decimals you have the following options:

  • Exact scoring. This is not quite as exact as it sounds, but close enough. Five significant digits are used.
  • WBF scoring (always 1 decimal). All board scores are rounded as early as possible to one decimal place. Then the scores are added up.


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