Stationary and moving pairs

Select Contest menu > Enter names and click Name menu. The menu contains the following menu items that support stationary and moving pairs:

  • Set as stationary pair
  • Set as moving pair
  • Set as tournament director

Some pairs need to be stationary for one reason or the other. By selecting Set as stationary pair, Magic Contest will automatically move such a pair to a stationary position according to the selected movement.

Some pairs have quite the opposite need. They might have to move around for blood circulation reasons or other preferences. Then you select Set as moving pair.

Set as tournament director is used in case of a bye and you want the tournament director to have a bye in the last round. Magic will automatically rearrange the pairs to accommodate that.


Provisional starting list before Close preparations

The above settings also work if you enter a provisional starting list before you have closed the preparations. You can still mark the pairs as stationary, moving or tournament director, but nothing will happen at the point of entry.

It is only when after you select Contest menu > Close preparations and select the movement that Magic Contest will know what positions are stationary. Then the pairs will be rearranged to fit the movement.


Permanent member list setting to make a player stationary

There is a permanent setting in the member list that makes a player stationary in all contests. This will only give a suggestion to make the player stationary, so you will always have the last say.

Click Find player and search for the player. Activate Has to be stationary in the player window and click OK to save.

Next time you enter this player in Contest menu > Enter names, you will be asked if you want to make the pair stationary, just as if you had manually selected the menu item as described above.