What scoring method is used for the butler?

Q: A player asked about what scoring method is used for the butler in team events. Specifically, he asked about the numbers 93 or 26 in the following image that come across as strange for a butler, and I could not explain why.


A: The butler is by default scored as IMPs across the field (IAF), i.e. all scores are compared with all other scores, giving full IMPs for each such comparison. At the end, the sum is divided by number of comparisons so that the final ranking for the round is in the normal butler range, i.e. between 2 and 4 IMPs for the round winner.

The setting that decides the scoring method is found in the team contest. When you create the Bridgemate database that setting is carried forward to each pair window. Do like this to find the setting:

Select the team window. Select Contest menu > Settings > General and select the Pair window tab. The setting Use Butler IMPs (datum score) instead of IMPs across the field decides the scoring method.