How do I move permanent settings from one computer to another?

Q: I have some personalized settings in an old computer that I would like to move to a new one. Is there a file I can move with that information or another easy way to do it?

A: Yes, there is a way to do this. The solution relies on a Microsoft program called Regedit that manages registry settings, i.e. permanent settings on your computer. You need to be careful, because this is where all Windows settings are stored.

Do the following on your old computer:

  1. Make sure Magic Contest is closed.
  2. Click the Start button and start the Regedit program (*).
  3. A tree structure opens up (see below). Locate the Magic Contest registry key according to the tree.
  4. Right-click Magic Contest in the tree structure and select Export. This creates a file with a .reg file extention that you now move to the new computer.

(*) This is done differently depending on your Windows version. In Windows 7 you write in the Search programs and files input box. In Windows 8 or 10 you just enter the text by using the keyboard and Windows finds the program.

To be on the safe side, you might want to use the “old” instructions above also on your new computer. This ensures that you have a backup of your new computer’s permanent settings before proceeding with transferring the old settings.

Do the following on your new computer:

  1. Make sure Magic Contest is closed.
  2. Double-click the .reg file and approve that settings will be written to your new computer.
  3. Open Magic Contest. The settings have now been copied from the old computer.


Regedit tree structure

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— — — Brenning
— — — — Magic Contest