All results are gone from the Bridgemate server and the database. What can I do?

Q1: If the Bridgemate database is empty, and the server also seems empty, how can entered results be restored so I get a final result in the contest?

A1: Luckily there are many different recovery features in Bridgemate. They are all described in the official Bridgemate manual. Here comes a short answer on how to retrieve results from Bridgemate terminals into a new Bridgemate database.

Bridgemate terminal

  • Press OK and make sure that you see the start screen (*)

Magic Contest

  • Start a contest and create a Bridgemate database

Bridgemate terminal

  • Press SETUP to go to the setup menu (**)
  • Press INFO
  • Press RESEND

The results are now transferred to the Bridgemate database. Do the same for all terminals. Then you can import the results in Magic Contest.

(*) If not, press TDMENU and RESET to go to the start screen.

(**) Depending on how you have configured your Bridgemates, you might have to enter a pin code to get to the setup menu. The pin code is the official Bridgemate code, and it is 749.

Q2: Why did this happen?

A2: I have absolutely no idea. There are different ways things can go wrong, and it is impossible to tell why it happened this time.

If or when it happens the second time, then it is time to start looking into if there is something wrong with the computer, the Bridgemate server, or the way the tournament director handles Magic Contest and/or Bridgemate Control Software.