How do I handle 0=Not played, and why does it show as Pass in Magic Contest?

Q: How do I handle 0=Not played entered in Bridgemate, either for slow play, or for people who did not show up to play, and why does it show as Pass in Magic Contest?

A: There are two main reasons for wanting to use 0 (zero) = Not played:

  1. Slow play caused a board not to be played
  2. The Bridgemate is not used because there is a BYE

Using 0=Not played is incorrect in both cases.


Slow play caused a board not to be played

First of all, the matter of what 0=Not played exactly does, and why, is described on this page. In short, if you use 0=Not played in Bridgemate, it will be interpreted as Pass by Magic Contest.

Instead of 0=Not played, you should enter a ruling in Bridgemate, for instance Average Minus for both pairs in case both caused the late play. How to do that is also covered on this page.

Version 4.13 (August 2018): A new setting allows you to control what 0=Not played translates into. Read more…


Bridgemate is not used because of a BYE

Imagine that you have a late BYE because a pre-registered pair did not show up. You only figure this out at game-time, you have already created the Bridgemate database, and most tables have started play.

If you do not do anything, this missing pair will cause problems every round they appear in the Bridgemate, since Bridgemate will expect results for all boards that round. There is no way to tell the Bridgemate to skip a round. You need to find a way to not having to enter any results for the round.

If you set the missing pair as phantom pair and create the Bridgemate database again, you risk deleting early results from other tables.

The solution to this problem requires two steps, one to make sure that Magic Contest does not include the missing pair, and another to do the same for Bridgemate.

1. Magic Contest

  • Select Contest menu > Enter names
  • Select the pair in question
  • Select Name menu > Set as phantom pair

2. Bridgemate (in Magic Contest)

  • Select Contest menu > Bridgemate > Update movement from round 2 (*)
  • Wait for Bridgemate Control Software to update the movement

(*) This menu item does two things, a) update all tables from round 2, and b) update specifically the phantom table from round 1.

If you have followed the steps correctly, the missing pair will not show in any Magic Contest ranking lists, and the rounds when the missing pair comes to a table will be skipped by Bridgemate.


The phantom pair was a stationary pair

If the phantom pair would have been stationary at a table, you can actually skip the second step above. Since the pair was stationary, and now does not exist, no results will ever be entered at that table.

If you simply remove the Bridgemate from the table, no results will be entered, and there is no need to update the movement according to the instructions above.