0=Not played or 0=Pass

Bridgemate offers a shortcut for non-played boards, for instance in case of slow play. Press 0 (zero) and OK.

The problem is that I completely disagree with this way of handling non-played boards and therefore Magic Contest does not act the way many people expect it to.

There are two reasons:

  1. Too many people simply do not find the PASS button for passed hands. Instead, quite logically, they enter zero points through the 0 button.
  2. The concept of a board not being played does not exist in the bridge laws. Instead, if it is not played, there is a reason for it, and a ruling should be made, for instance Average Minus for the pair that caused the slow play. That ruling is best made at the table and is best entered directly in the Bridgemate.

Magic Contest cannot possibly know the intention of the players or the tournament director. To keep things simple, Magic Contest interprets 0=Not played as a passed hand, no matter what the original intention was.

Version 4.13 (August 2018)

There is a new setting in Contest menu > Settings > Bridgemate and the Bridgemate Control settings tab:

  • Scroll down a few pages to Options for the tournament directors
  • Find the setting called Import ‘No play’ into Magic Contest as …
  • Select Pass, one of the Average options (minus, equal, plus), or Bye
  • Both pairs receive the same ruling

Regardless of above, a percentage ruling can always be entered directly in Bridgemate:

  • Bridgemate II: Press TDMENU and enter the TD menu pin code
  • Bridgemate Pro: Insert the TD key

Then select menu option 1 and enter for instance 4 and 4 for Average Minus for both pairs. The possible options are:

  • 4 = Average Minus
  • 5 = Average
  • 6 = Average Plus

See the Bridgemate manual for more details.

See also this FAQ entry for related questions.