Movement editor

There is no integrated movement editor in Magic Contest, so the editing has to be done in Excel or an equivalent program. Once the movement has been created in Excel you use Magic Contest to import the data. It is saved in a permanent file that you can use over and over again.

That file has the same format as a Bridgemate database. This means that if another scoring program has created a Bridgemate database, you can use that as your movement file in case you want to use a movement that does not exist in Magic Contest.

This page covers the following:



The format is important. There are actually six different formats depending on what type of movement you want to create:

  • Simple movement
  • Multi-session
  • Team event (1 segment per round)
  • Team event (2 segments per round)
  • Simple movement (individual)
  • Multi-session (individual)

Do the following to find out what columns are to be used:

  • Start Magic Contest
  • Close Contest Explorer
  • Click Movement (to your right)
  • Select Create movement
  • Select one of the six options

The window will tell you what columns to use.

For example, for Simple movement the columns are, in order from left to right, Table, Round, N-S, E-W, From, and To (board).


Copy data from Excel

You probably enter all data in Excel. Do like this to transfer the data from Excel to Magic Contest:

  • Create the movement in Excel. It is essential that the columns are identical to the ones indicated by the Magic Contest create window (see above) and in the same order.
  • Follow the above instructions for Magic Contest to select the correct movement to create.
  • Select all movement data in Excel. Make sure not to select any headers.
  • Press Ctrl-C to copy the data.
  • Go to Magic Contest and place the cursor in the text window.
  • Press Ctrl-V to paste the movement.


Close preparations

Do the following to use one of your movement files to close the preparations:

  • Start the contest just like any other contest
  • When you arrive at the normal Close preparations, cancel that
  • Click the Movement button to your right and select Close preparations
  • Select the appropriate movement file


Assign phantom pairs

The phantom pair is a pair just like any other pair with a pair number. Do not do anything special in Excel to deal with phantoms. Instead, just import the movement and later select the phantom pair in Contest menu > Enter names inside Magic Contest.


Error handling…

…is non-existent.

Magic Contest is very courteous and does exactly what you tell it to. If there are major errors in the original movement file, Magic Contest will crash.