Most available movements in Magic Contest come from the orange book Movements – a fair approach by Hallén, Hanner and Jannersten. Both one-winner and two-winner movements are available as well as well-balanced barometer movements. If needed, Magic Contest can print both guidecards and guideslips.

Magic Contest is also fitted with a number of movements from different bridge federations that have purchased national licences. Those movements have been included in the Movements – a fair approach list above to keep most movements in one place.

An increasingly popular movement, for those who have access to duplication machines, is Web Mitchell, also known as Web movement. The main advantage of Web Mitchell is they allow large single sections with a fixed number of boards. Each pair plays the same set of boards, which increases the overall fairness of the competition. With the help of Julie Atkinson’s and Patrick Carter’s book Patrick’s Bridge Movements, Web Mitchell is now an integral part of Magic Contest.

If the above movements are not sufficient it is possible to create your own movements. By initially using Excel, and then pasting it into the built-in movement editor, you can create your own movement library. For those of you who are creative and want to share your creations, please e-mail your movements to me and I will post them here together with credits.


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