Web Mitchell – Even number of tables, odd number of board sets

Version 4.12

This movement works when the number of tables is greater than the number of sets to be played. Phantom can be at any table, in any direction. EW move normally around the room.

This movement requires two sets of duplicated boards, and an odd number of sets to be played. Note that one set is played from highest to lowest board number, as opposed to the normal low to high.

The low numbered tables play one set of boards in normal ascending order. The high numbered tables play the other set of boards in descending order, with the highest numbered table getting the highest numbered boards.

Read more on page 6… (Julie Atkinson and Patrick Carter)

More specifically, the following number of tables and boards are described in the book:

  • 16 tables x 26 boards (=13 rounds)
  • 16 tables x 27 boards (=9 rounds)
  • 18 tables x 26 boards
  • 20 tables x 26 boards
  • 22 tables x 26 boards
  • 24 tables x 26 boards


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