Web Mitchell – Odd number of tables, 26 or 27 boards

Version 4.12

Set up the room for a web movement for the number of tables you have minus one. For 17 tables, lay out a 16-table web and place Table 17 in the middle of the room or adjacent to Table 1. The best place for Phantom is to have no NS at the highest numbered table; in this case, the displaced pairs have a Phantom and miss a table and the boards move as for a 16-table web.

Read more on page 11… (Julie Atkinson and Patrick Carter)

More specifically, the following number of tables and boards are described in the book:

  • 17 tables x 26 boards (13 rounds)
  • 19 tables x 26 boards
  • 21 tables x 26 boards
  • 23 tables x 26 boards
  • 25 tables x 26 boards
  • 15 tables x 27 boards (9 rounds)
  • 17 tables x 27 boards


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