Combined Mitchell

Sometimes you have a number of tables that does not fit the available movements. For instance, a 26 board Mitchell for 25 tables offers no good solution through the regular movements.

Normally you would organize two sections (A+B) with 12 ½ tables in each section. Unfortunately, the way Magic Contest works you cannot let the two pairs with a bye meet since they play in different sections.

The solution is to select the movement called Combined Mitchell. This offers a movement for one section where the above problem is solved.

For 25 tables this means that tables 1-12 correspond to the original section A. Tables 14-25 correspond to section B. Table 13 consists of one moving pair from section A (as E-W) and one moving pair from section B (as N-S).

The pairs and boards move just as they usually would in a Mitchell with a few exceptions:

  • 13 E-W moves to 1 E-W
  • 13 N-S moves to 14 E-W
  • 25 E-W moves to 13 N-S

You probably need a double set of boards unless you want board sharing between tables 1+14, 2+15, and so on.

Combined Mitchell works for all odd table numbers. The following Mitchell types are included:

  • Scrambled Complete Mitchell
  • Scrambled Curtailed Mitchell
  • Odd Table Mitchell
  • Skip Mitchell
  • Relay Mitchell

Combined Mitchell also works for multi-session with a few double meetings, but then you need to leave the movement of pairs to Magic Contest. This is completely automatic and leads to a minimum of double meetings.

See all details: Combined Mitchell for multi-session


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