Appendix Mitchell with arrow switches

Appendix Mitchell is a movement with some stationary North-South pairs and some stationary East-West pairs.

Due to guidecard confusion (see below) for some players and tournament directors, this movement is duplicated in Magic Contest, one with and one without movement instructions.

In both cases you are recommended to print guideslips or personal scorecards so the pairs know their movements. In the case of the movement without instructions, there are no arrow switch instructions either, so as a tournament director you need to announce the arrow switch rounds.

See also: Appendix tables


Guidecard confusion

The printed guidecards for Appendix Mitchell with arrow switches come across as confusing to the players.

In the middle of an Appendix Mitchell there are a number of tables with two moving pairs. In spite of this there are arrow switches at these tables (and by all means also at the tables with stationary pairs).

The instructions at the adjacent tables read “North moves to table 5” or “East moves to table 5”. Once at table 5 the pairs find their positions by looking at the guidecards.

The juicy part comes at the end of the round. Since the moving pairs belong to a certain line (North-South or East-West) they must continue moving according to the instructions for that line and nothing else.


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