Scrambled or arrow switched movements

A number of movements are scrambled, i.e. some rounds the boards are played in the opposite direction, to arrive at exactly one winner. You can of course run your event without arrow switches and still make it a one-winner event. It is not the end of the world that this is a zero-balance event.

Movements contain a number of movements and, along with it, optimised arrow switching to achieve the best possible balance. It you just select a scrambled movement in the list, the optimised arrow switching will be used. Bear in mind, this means that the arrow switch rounds may appear randomly, and there may also be cases where arrow switching takes place in different rounds at different tables.

If you want to keep it simple, you could use the less balanced approach of arrow switching a few rounds at the end of the event. This works for all types of Scrambled Mitchell. It does not give the same balance, but simplicity might compensate for that. Do the following:

  • Select Contest menu > Close preparations to select the movement
  • Select the scrambled movement, for instance Scrambled Complete Mitchell
  • Click Advanced and select the Mitchell tab
  • Make the appropriate selection for arrow switching

This gives you a movement with arrow switching in a few rounds at the end.


Reduced Howell without arrow switches

Arrow switching also appears in Reduced Howell where there is more than one stationary pair. The purpose is of course to create good balance between the stationary pairs.

It is not possible to use the above setting to arrow switch specific rounds. Instead, there is another way of simplifying life, and that is to sacrifice the balance completely. There is a movement called Reduced Howell without arrow switches that does exactly this.


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