Pair numbers at Interwoven Howell

Interwoven Howell and Reduced Interwoven Howell are movements that work for normal one-session events. However, another useful method is to combine them with a Mitchell in multi-session events, for instance in a two-session club championship.

In this type of movement there are two lines of pairs that meet each other in their respective line. For some table numbers they will meet one pair from the other line.

The pair numbers are not ordered according to the book. Instead the pair numbers are numbered according to Mitchell above, that is one line starting at 1 and one line starting at the lowest available interval of 10. This is not as illogical as it may sound.

Since this movement is sometimes used together with a Mitchell for two-session events the pair numbering for both lines will be the same no matter if it is the Mitchell or the Howell session.

Also, at Reduced Interwoven Howell the book states the stationary pairs as the highest pair numbers regardless of the line, i.e. the stationary pair in line 1 has a higher number than all moving pairs in line 2. Instead, Magic Contest will give the stationary pairs the highest pair numbers within each line.

The guidecards will of course also have a different numbering than in the book but this is irrelevant since the contents of the selected movement is the same.

Here are some examples:

Interwoven Howell, 16 tables, 15 rounds

  • Line 1: 1-15 and 16
  • Line 2: 21-35 and 36

Reduced Interwoven Howell, 15 tables, 12 rounds

  • Line 1: 1-12 and 13-15
  • Line 2: 21-32 and 33-35


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