Jannersten’s movements (“the orange book”)

All movements are based on the book Movements – a fair approach, by Hallén, Hanner and Jannersten. Quite a lot of movements have been implemented, but not all.

Pair movements and Individual movements list the movements from the orange book and on what page to find detailed information. The remaining pages in the list below describe exceptions or special cases. Those exceptions are also marked in the movement list.

Note! This section does not replace the orange book, it only lists what movements are in use and on what page to find the details. If you want to know more about the movements, you should buy the book from Jannersten Förlag.

To some extent you do not need to know the details about the movements since Magic Contest will give you support along the way. When you close the preparations you will enter number of tables, boards and boards per round. Then Magic Contest will compile a list of possible movements based on your entries. Some movements may work, but may not be suitable for one reason or the other. This is why the book is useful.


Table of contents