Identical guidecards for all number of tables in Barometer Howell

Page 226 in Movements describes Barometer Howell with a fixed arrow switch scheme, regardless of the total number of tables. There is a small trade-off in the balance, but the benefit is that you can have one set of guidecards.

There are also some guidecards called Barometer Howell (Swedish Bridge Festival…). These work up to 40 tables, and have the benefit of fixed pair numbers no matter the number of tables. North-South at table 1 starts on 80 and East-West on 1. Then the pair numbers are assigned logically, resulting in a gap in the middle. The benefit of this is that you can pre-print guidecards with pair numbers for the first round, and you can pre-print sign-up forms with pair numbers and place on the tables.

There are a few more special guidecards related to the Swedish Bridge Festival. There is on Barometer Howell with 5 stationary pairs and one with 3 stationary pairs. These are of course useful when you have people with disabilities.


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