The new Display module is intended to replace Current standing that has been a good friend for more than 10 years. Some will rightly claim “not a moment too soon” …

Current standing will continue working as before, but Display is the module that will be maintained and developed in coming versions of Magic Contest.

Display gives far better possibilities to technical content as well as visual design, the latter being a good enough reason to start using Display right away.

It is possible to use Display out of the box without being interested in details. Magic Contest comes with many pre-set designs that can be selected without further configuring. The Quick start page is intended for you.

At the the same time, those of you who are interested in controlling the design to the smallest detail are allowed to do so to. The rest of the remarkably long documentation will satisfy your needs.

If you do not find what you look for, there is also a Frequently Asked Questions section for Display.


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