Quick start

Just like Current standing, the files created by Display are opened in an internet browser. Unfortunately, all browsers do not always work the same, so …

… use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for best possible result.


Download Display files

When you print paper reports in Magic Contest, there are quite a number of pre-defined reports to select from.

For Display, that is not quite the case. Yes, there are a number of pre-defined displays, but No, you have to download the ones you plan to use manually from the Download page.

Open My Documents and locate the folder called Magic Contest Documents\Display. Saving files in that folder makes them accessible to Magic Contest.


Select Display files

Select Contest menu > Settings > Display. A window opens with a number of options such as Starting list, Score recap (for barometer), or Other contests. Click next to your option, select the downloaded file, and click OK to save.

Read more about selecting files on page 2 in the official documentation.


Activate Display

Display follows in Current standing’s footsteps, i.e. when Current standing is created from inside Contest menu > Enter results, so is Display.

It can be done manually:

  • Click the Current standing checkbox
  • Click Result menu and select Current standing

… or automatically:

  • Import results from Bridgemate with activated export settings


Show the result

Open Magic Contest Outbox that you find in My Documents. Double-click on the resulting display file:

  • _display_a_1.htm

The funny-looking file name ensures that the file is placed at the top of the list.


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