14. Stationary pairs or teams

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Stationary pairs are entered through Contest menu > Enter names and Name menu > Set as stationary pair. Stationary teams are entered through Contest menu > Enter names, select the team, click Edit, and check the Stationary team in Swiss Teams checkbox.

The stationary setting means that the pair/team will keep its position in all future rounds. The actual pairing will not be affected, so in case a stationary pair/team at table 50 leads the contest, that pair/team will meet number 2, but still at table 50. This normally raises an eyebrow or two and players will come and tell you there is something wrong with the seating. Trust me on this 🙂

There are two things to keep in mind if you use two random rounds, both for Swiss Teams and Swiss Pairs:

1. The new stationary setting does not affect round 2, so if a pair/team is placed as East-West (in pairs) or Away (in teams), it will move from their stationary position and only return in round 3.

2. When you close the preparations, there is a setting that arrow switches even tables in round 2. Click the Advanced button and select the Swiss tab to find this setting. If you have placed your pairs/teams on even tables, this arrow switch will move the pair/team for the second round and then return the pairs/teams in round 3.

2b. There is another setting when you create next Swiss round that alternates the NS/EW direction at even tables in odd rounds. Note that you can keep this setting if you like. The stationary setting for the pairs/teams superseeds this arrow switch setting.

You should keep the above in mind when you place the pairs/teams that need to be stationary. The best is to place them as North-South at odd tables.


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