17. Convert barometer to Swiss

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There is an interesting option for barometer events:

Contest menu > Swiss > Convert barometer to Swiss

This means that you can play a number of rounds of barometer and finish the evening with a few rounds of Swiss. Remember that you need to start the Swiss part with the next board number following the original movement. The event also has to be run as single-section barometer for the conversion to be possible.

What you do is select the above menu item to activate Swiss. You cannot go back on this, but there is no real harm done if you accidentally select this option without wanting it. Then you select Contest menu > Swiss > Add/Remove/Redo round to create the next round. From that point and on the event runs just like a normal Swiss.

An extra option, albeit a little rough in the edges, is to run a 2-session barometer event that is converted into Swiss in the session 2.

When you move to session 2, Magic Contest asks you to close the preparations in order to decide the first round (according to Barometer Howell) and the first board number. You should select 1 round only as well as start play on board 1. This is only step 1 as there is still no Swiss involved.

Once you have closed the preparations you can first select Contest menu > Swiss > Convert barometer to Swiss in order to unlock the Swiss features. Then select Contest menu > Swiss > Add/Remove/Redo round and then select the Redo round 1 option. This means that the first round in session 2 will arranged according to Swiss.

The major drawback of multi-session Swiss is that Magic Contest at the moment cannot keep track of previous meetings from one session to the next, so this approach will give an involuntary Danish (=allow double meetings) as far as meetings from previous session go, but keep track of meetings in this session.


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