8. Create Danish seating, i.e. allow pairs to meet more than once

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My recommendation is that this option is selected when two-three rounds remain. This creates real finals at table 1 towards the end of the event.

If you score a delayed Swiss, i.e. you selected two random rounds, there is also a case for removing the delay towards the end to guarantee a true final at table 1 in the last round.

If you keep the delay the final table will consist of the two top ranked before the penultimate round, not before the last.

You remove the delay by checking the Turn off one round’s delay at Swiss option instead of creating the movement for next round. Then you ask the players to wait for five minutes while you print a new round result with the table seating.

Allowing double meetings is primarily interesting at the top tables, so Danish is only applied to the top-half of the field. After that, double meetings are not allowed.


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