18. Ignore meetings from round 1 to …

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There is a Swiss option called Ignore meetings from round 1 to … This option can be used standalone if you want a type of Danish in the end if a Swiss but limit the number of revenge meetings to at most one.

Assume you play 10 rounds and you want Danish without revenge meetings in the last 3 rounds. Instead of selecting the Danish option you instead select this new option and enter 7.

This means that you will run a completely normal Swiss in rounds 1 to 7. For round 8 Magic Contest will ignore all previous meetings and place the top-2 ranked pairs against each other. For round 9 the same will apply, but round 8 will be used as the only “previous” round that may prevent revenge meetings.

The only exception to the above is when you have a bye. Each pair may only have one bye throughout the event, no matter the settings.

This option is especially useful together with the option Contest menu > Swiss > Convert barometer to Swiss. This allows you to run a barometer event for a number of rounds. Then you can run a few Swiss rounds and activate Ignore meetings… to ensure that the pairs in the top meet without for that matter meeting more than once.


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