9. Use 95% Swiss

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This is an option that only works when using Bridgemate, and is normally used only in Swiss Teams.

Often one round’s delay is used (results after round 2 decides the seating for round 4, 3 decides 5, and so on) to allow the new seating assignments to be posted without delaying the game.

If you do not use one round’s delay a late table can easily make an entire round late due to all results not being entered.

You can however combine the best from the two worlds:

  • Do not use any delay
  • Create the results manually when three to five minutes remain of the round, i.e. when 95% of the results have been imported

The catch is that when the last result is imported Magic Contest automatically shows the window where new rounds are added. In this case two rounds would be added, first manually and then automatically. This is solved by using the following menu item:

Contest menu > Swiss > Use 95% Swiss

Then there will be no automatic adding of rounds when the last result is imported but all such handling is done completely manually from by you. This also gives some flexibility since you at breaks actually can wait for all results and create the new seating assignments based on a complete round.

In a team contest you can take the 95% Swiss concept one step further. Together with Current standing you can set up approximately the following chain of events:

  • The round is in play. The previous round is shown on the projector.
  • Some matches have finished. Only those are shown on the projector.
  • You manually create the new round. Now all finished matches as well as
    the new seatings are shown on the projector.
  • All matches have finished and all information is shown on the projector.


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